A 100% Mexican company created in 1995. A tailor software developer company for banking cards processors, detail commercial and consumer services companies assisting the business process.

PRODIC CONSULTORES trademark is the excellency and growing projection targeting external and internal markets, with a wide diversity of services and skills for the operation of monetary, commercial and financial transactions.

PRODIC CONSULTORES has promoted from the outset, true cooperation with his clients through the process innovation, media and technologies promoting, change, productivity and competition among business.

We are ruled by our values: a solid technological platform, a professional group of qualified technicians in conjunction with an expert administration of quality oriented suppliers. Permanent innovation, a broad experience solving technical inquiries for more than a thousand clients and a privileged relationship with our technological partners, always focused towards our clients with the commitment to offer innovative solutions that adapt to specific needs.

“PRODIC CONSULTORES innovating solutions”