SeAC Device Service Administrator

Management services are required now days in the ATM network, kiosks and POS, in agreement with each institution, a personalized low cost, the best “time to “market” and in compliance with brands and regulations standards.

Prodic has a clear understanding of the requirements of the market and makes available this great product.

The main goal of SeAC is to offer a variety of services for our users that allows them to have first class tools in compliance with Mexican regulations and main mandates of the leading banking cards, at the same time promotion and managing processes are optimized.

Necessary services to improve the ATM´s network productivity honoring the price agreed in terms of the data base installed for each institution.

Remote Key Loading

Automatic centralized management and control when loading master keys LMK and TMK for ATM, Kiosks and POS, under a secure scheme PKI in agreement with ANSI X9 mandates.

Electronic Journal

Automatic and secure transfer of the electronic journal files to the destination server for its process and analysis.

Advertising Campaigns.

Automatic distribution of files into the ATM network for the managing of advertising campaigns, customized depending on the interests of each client (bank) in a dynamic way without interfering with the network level of service.


ATM Dispenser Predictor

The ideal amount of cash and currency designation is set based on the statistic information of transactions, cash dispensed and remaining, in agreement with specific dates, with the purpose of not over dispensing tellers as well as not leaving enough cash for the end user.


An evident advantage of being an online service is we can guarantee a level of service above 99% due to our infrastructure of high availability.

You can start with fifty ATM, POS or Kiosks and increase the number of services or devices as it suitable.

Services can be hired independently among them or all at the same time.