Equipment for security information SAFENET

PRODIC offers equipment and systems of SAFENET for the protection and encryption of the transactional information produced by central systems and external devices like the ATM in banks and POS systems in the commerce.

PRODIC provides engineering assistance, support and configuration services for the equipment and systems under several service plans, covering 7×24.

HSM Equipment

Equipment with the functionality HSM (Hardware Security Module) for payment systems, destined to provide safety to the monetary transactions handled by devices ATM and POS devices in banking and commerce networks. The HSM equipment generates, protects and stores the encryption information keys and the PIN keys of users, applicable to traditional format cards and EMV format cards.

The scale of HSM equipment covers applications and diverse requirements in capacity, transactional volume and fault tolerance leves, applicable to asynchronous, TCP/IP and SNA networks. These equipment and systems fulfill the rules and safety from PCI and FIPS recommendations for banking networks, issuers, acquirers and card processors.

WEB applications support

Equipment for the administration and control of Web applications, including Web Services and JAVA applications. Combines an applications standard server with a dedicated HSM device. This equipment has the facilities for the programming and implantation of applications for secure environment.

Equipment for administration and control of Web applications, Web services, and Java applications. Combines a standard application server platform and a dedicated hardware security module (HSM). Provides facilities for programming and deployment of applications on security environment.

Software component that provides the cardholders a secure access to their PIN code using a personal computer or mobile device and the Internet.

PRODIC supply other data encryption equipment for data communications over SDH networks for high scale protection on information and communications of private companies and government.

The equipment provided by PRODIC cover the scale of requirements of functionality and security necessary for the companies in their business applications for internal and external environments. The equipments and solutions offered fulfill the safety certifications and current regulation needed by the official safety entities in the whole world.

The equipment supply includes the necessary support and training services to assure the independence and self-sufficiency of the company in their use and the complete exploitation of the operative functions and security.

PRODIC it provides services of assistance and design for the implementation of safety schemes to assure the effectiveness, balance and fulfillment of the existing security regulations.

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