PRODIC! Will never leave you alone. We have maintenance and customer service experts 365 days of the year 24×7, which is every hour of the year!

We are aware of the importance of our customer’s hard work and as a result, you can always count with our services and expert advisors to solve and give support whenever you need it.

We offer assistance and maintenance that meets national and international regulations. We are 100% qualified to provide real solutions to our banking and financial clients. .

Besides we offer specialized support for data encrypted equipment due to the fact we own the technical infrastructure and logistic for the preservation and use of your equipment.

PRODIC´s qualified staff provides the following services in Mexico and Latin America:

  • Secure installation and removal of equipment
  • Operating key loading at site
  • Functional test and diagnosis of equipment
  • Handling and managing of warrantee service.
  • Temporal substitution of equipment
  • Assistance in risk situations
  • Design engineering secure network
  • Corrective support for identification and fault elimination

PRODIC has equipment to carry out functional tests and to immediately substitute in the event of an emergency.

Adding or substituting equipment temporary in the operating networks are carried out as an express service.

As an additional service of assistance.

PRODIC offers training courses for the correct implementation of secure networks and the best practices of data encrypted equipment, including traffic, load of work and security key protection.

We have the complete support of the main manufacturers such as: THALES, REALSEC, SAFENET and NCR.

We provide a wide service scheme that can adapt to the specific need of any institution for the equipment support of critical missions.

“Because we know the most important is secure information, PRODIC is your solution.”