ARH MultiPlex Host Security Module (Hardware Security Module) Requirement Administrator.

ARH Multiplex device establishes connectivity between one or several Host equipment were applications reside and one or several encryption equipment (HSM), disregarding brand or capacity due to the fact it handles generation requirements, validation of PINs and CVVs and generation of exchange keys for encryption HSM equipment, regardless of the source validation.

This layout shows the ARH Multiplex handling two Host equipment of applications, interconnected with several HSM devices of different brands and models.

The ARH Multiplex provides the interoperability of several HSM devices to serve several applications, using HSM devices in an integrated environment, reducing implementation costs of security layouts needed to protect the transactions and its information.

Performs the balance of transactional loading among several HSM equipment to serve process requirements of transactions. Simplifies possible actions in the event of a HSM failure, automatically routing needed requirements to an available HSM, ensuring continuity service.

Implementation Areas:

  • Host Security Module Users (ARH)
  • Banks, ATM Network Operators
  • Specific Commercial Business

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