PRODIC supplies solutions for interconnection requirements for transactional application to teleprocessing systems and to devices specialized devices in projects of implantation of EFT technologies EFT, of technological renewal and of service enhancements to clients of the banking and companies of commerce retailer companies and providers of consumer services. PRODIC develops software for teleprocessing and provides solutions for communication and interoperability requests between transactional application systems and the end user equipment.

PRODIC deliver qualified engineering services for the analysis of process and transactional systems intended for fault or security determination and for capacity planning of the computer platforms, including interfaces and active devices.

Audit services of computer and information security are provided, also the review services and process and networks analysis used for the communication of monetary, transactional and financial sensitive information or of safety, applicable in multiple nodes, or point to point modes, offering solutions for the information encryption, as well as the development and maintenance of security schemes. To assure the appropriate system operation, it is provided to the personnel of the companies of the technical training in the areas of teleprocessing and of interconnection of transactional equipment.

PRODIC offers training programs suited for system administrators, operations personnel and from application development areas for the integration and operations of systems and equipment applied to processing of monetary transactions.