About Us:

PRODIC Consultores S.A. of C.V. (PRODIC), develops specialized software for the process of monetary transactions (EFT) for cash dispensers (ATMs) and point of sale terminals (POS), which are used by banks, card processors and retail and consumer services companies for their business processes. Along more than 20 years on the market PRODIC has developed technology and software products through his research and development center offering integrated solutions and a complete service and support covering 7×24.

PRODIC represents manufacturers of information security equipment applied to data encryption and protection of PIN keys and digital signatures.

PRODIC offers software and integrated solutions for rapid implementation for the processing of monetary transactions, in the areas of banking, commerce, consumer and telecommunications services.

Strategy and commitment

PRODIC maintains a constant update in their products to include new technological developments in devices and protocols for transactional process, impelling to the constant update of their personnel for the use of methods, algorithms and technical advanced programming.

PRODIC develops and supports their products under a careful renovation of the computer programs and systems to assure the uniformity, compatibility and system interoperability with every new aggregation of functions, norms and services.

PRODIC supports strategic alliances with developers and system providers in the information and transactional process security areas, translating to the client the best options, technology and practices of the business. The company promotes a solid ethics code in the development of their functions and responsibilities, assuring the continuity of the products and services, offering to their clients the technologies in the best dimension to every case.

As integral part of the support provided in solutions and equipments, PRODIC offers training and assistance programs to assure that the personnel have the elements and resources for the appropriate use and exploitation of the resources.